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01/30/2010 17:32:03

Just when you thought lawyers couldn't Believe it or not, the following excerpts and quotes are parts of actual, real transcripts from I Q: A: Q: A: Q: A: II Q: A: III Q: A: Q: A: IV Q: A: V Q: A: Q: VI THE COURT: Q: A: Q: A: Q: A: VII Q: MR. BROOKS: VIII Q: A: Q: A: IX Q: A: Q: A: X Q: A: XI Q: (Showing man picture.) A: Q: XII Q: A: XIII Q: A: Actual Court Transcripts - Gerçek Mahkeme Tutanakları

01/30/2010 17:28:30

HER DIARY Day night, I thought he was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a cafe to have some coffee. I was shopping with my friends all day long, solely thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment. Conversation wasn't flowing so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk, he agreed but he kept quiet and absent. I asked him what was wrong - h