Umutsuz Evkadınları - Desperate Housewifes

02/15/2011 10:01:48

First watch the video here and answer the questions below.

Vocabulary (choose the closest meaning of highlighted words)

1. They used photos to blackmail us.
  • threaten
  • send black mails
2. My luggage was too heavy to carry, so I had to drag it a little.
  • take it somewhere else
  • pull along the ground
3. We’ve made a commitment and we will help, don’t worry.
  • promise
  • make a decision

Choose the correct answers for the questions below, according to the video.

1. When Karen McCluskey saw Roy Bender, what happened?
  • She fell in love.
  • Roy Bender fell in love with her.
  • Karen invited him in.
  • Karen smiled.
2. After a week of flirting, they did something....
  • Karen didn’t expect to do.
  • very surprising.
  • Roy didn’t expect to do.
  • everbody expected them to do.
3. The little girl is trying to discover ...
  • who won the match.
  • Karen’s and Roy’s relationship.
  • who attacked the young girl.
  • how durable her new doll is.
4. Bree is married with a man...
  • who is a postman.
  • who blackmails her.
  • who sends mails to everyone.
  • who is cheating her.

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