Tekil - Çoğul İsimler Alıştırma - Plural - Singular Nouns Exercise

02/17/2010 20:07:16

Aşağıdaki boşlukları parantez içindeki isimlerin çoğuluyla doldurunuz.

1. I am a dentist. I have two
(son). My little
(child) like
(candy) and
(jelly) too much so their
(tooth) decay quickly no matter how often they brush their
(tooth). Two weeks ago we bought special
(brush) and had a deal with them about reducing
2. I need new
(cloth); especially some new
(jean), and
(short). Because I have lost ten
(kilo) in two
3. Even if
(man) and
(woman) seem very different in their frame of mind, they complete each other.
(knife) can be dangerous for little
5. The
(police) are investigating the case.
6. She has three
7. There are
(fox) all over the village.
8. Are these
(glass) clean?
9. Aquarium
(fish) are easy to care at home.
10. Put two more
(potato) and
11. My mother hates the
12. It's fall, all the
(leaf) are falling off.
13. The
(bus) are always full in İstanbul.
14. Babies'
(foot) are small.
(sheep) live in

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