Şimdiki zaman I - Alıştırma - Present continous tense - Exercise

09/30/2010 13:45:43

Bu alıştırmada kısaltılmış formları kullanmayınız.

1. What
tonight? (do)
2. We
the financial report right now. (discuss)
3. Don't disturb him! He
a book. (read)
4. Silence please! We are
to the news. (listen)
5. It is 1 pm. All the workers
lunch in a restaurant at the moment. (have)
6. Be careful! The teacher
at us. (look)
7. I
my cardigan because it is a bit cold. (wear)
8. A: Who
for? (wait)
B: I
for my friend. (wait)
9. Please be quiet ! The baby
. (sleep)
10. Our manager
about everything. (always - complain)
11. At the end the bus
. (come)
12. Is Ayvalık a nice place?
a nice time there? (have)
13. It
heavily today so I do not want to go out. (rain)
14. Listen! I think the telephone
. (ring)
15. For the time being, Mr. Smith
as manager of this department. (act)

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  • tanil tanil : 03/24/2011 13:38:09
    There is a mistake in the 12th question. "Are you having nice time there?" The correct answer must be; "Are you having a nice time there?"
    • teacher teacher : 03/24/2011 15:26:23
      It was corrected. Thank you...
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