Şart (Koşul) Cümlecikleri Alıştırma - If Conditionals Exercise

02/25/2010 14:55:27
Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb in the bracets. Be careful about the conditionals' being 1st, 2nd or 3rd type! (Boşlukları parantez içindeki fiillerin uygun haliyle doldurunuz. Şart cümlelerinin I, II ya da III. tip oluşuna dikkat!)
1. She only
(read) if there
(be) nothing to watch on TV.
2. If she
(sleep) now,
(not wake) her up. I will call later.
3. If he
(not be) at home, he
(must be) on the way.
4. You
(not have to come) if you
(not want) to.
5. If you
(finish) your work until 8, we
(go) to a pub.
6. If you
(open) the fridge, you
(see) that we have nothing.
7. Could you do me a favour if you
(not be) busy?
8. Do you mind if I
(open) the window?
9. If you
(heat) the ice, it
10. If I
(have) a car, I
(still use) the public transportation. The traffic is terrible.
11. If Funda and Melih
(work) harder, they
(earn)more money. But they are happy now.
12. What
(do) if you
(win) the lottery?
13. Where
(live) if you
(not live) in İstanbul?
14. If he
(be) more sensitive, he
(not tell) me those things.
15. If I
(be) you, I
(accept) the job. It's a very good opportunity for you.
16. If you
(tell) me the truth.
17.If I
(find) her address, I
(send) her an invitation. Unfortunately, I couldn't.
18. She
(not go) to the party even if she
(have) time.
(want) to be with her if she
(not date) with Gürkan?
20. If I
(go) to Spain I
(learn) Spanish. You're very lucky.
21. If I
(have) enough money, I
(not work).
22. If she
(have) the chance she
(can be) a famous actress. She is realy good at imitating.
23. If she
(not buy) those shoes, she
(could afford) the rent last month.
24. They
(not break) the meeting if there
(not be) something important. It must be really significant.
25. I
(buy) that computer last week if it
(be cheaper).
26. If the weather
(be) nice, I always
(prefer) walking to work.
27. If I
(have) time yesterday, I
(go) to the gym.
28. I
(can help) if she
(tell) me before. But now there is nothing I can do.
29. You
(regret) later, if you
(not give) it a try.
30. Even if I
(study)more, I
(might not pass) the exam. It was too hard.
31. He never
(go) to the cinema if he
(be) alone.
32. Bora
(not divorce) if he
(be) happy. He wasn't happy.

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