Keşke Alıştırma - I Wish & If Only Exercise

02/22/2010 19:22:30

Aşağıdaki durumlara I wish - If only (keşke) ile cümleler yazın.

1. You are not here. I wish
2. I'm not a famous singer. I wish
3. I don't like my current job. I wish
. (better)
4. There is few people so the party is boring. I wish
(more people).
5. I don't have enough money to afford my expences. If only
(more money).
6. You are really unlucky. I wish
. (luckier)
7. I have never played an instrument. I wish
. (can play the piano)
8. He never thinks about other people but himself. I wish he
(not selfish).
9. I didn't study enough when I was at university. If only
(study more).
10. We had so much fun yesterday but you weren't with us. If only you
11. I didn't want to call the police but he didn't left me any other option. I wish there
. (another way)
12. She regrets not going to the university two years ago when she had the chance. She wishes
to the university.
13. He could have found a job but he wasted his time with wandering idle. I wish he
(not waste his time).
14. It's too bad that you couldn't find your purse. I wish you
15. There are lots of people who have their own gun. The world would be a better place to live without guns. I wish there
(no guns).
16. I didn't take care of myself when I was younger. Now I'm ill. I wish I
17. She had a serious accident last week. The doctors says there is no hope. I wish there
(be any hope).
18. I feel so happy now. If only
. (can fly)
19. We planned to go trekking today. But It's raining. I wish
20. She likes dancing too much so she wishes
(will be a dancer).

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