Kalp krizini önlemek için neler yapılabilir? - What can be done to prevent heart attack?

03/02/2011 13:22:30

Watch the video here : "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dpCfRvWagY


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Comprehension Questions: choose the correct answers

1. Laughter .....
  • makes us lose weight
  • is more effective than exercise
  • accelerates the metabolism
  • is the number one cure for heart diseases
2. Exercise doesn’t help us ...
  • increase our heart rate
  • reduce stress
  • improve our focus, memory, sleep
  • live more anxiously
3. People who have a good sleep ...
  • will be more stressed
  • have higher cholesterol level
  • have lower appetite
  • will get higher blood pressures
4. The fat around your waist ...
  • is very helpful to fight diseases
  • makes you more prone to diabetes
  • is not important if you’re not overweight
  • causes liposuction
5. Why are the people more stressed than before lately?
  • It’s because the economy is getting better every day.
  • It’s because they don’t exercise.
  • It’s because they go to doctor more often.
  • It’s because bad economy has cumulative effect on our lives.
6. According to the research...
  • %53 of women have heart attack in a year
  • %47 of women doesn’t call 911 when they think they are having an heart attack
  • Only %53 of women who had heart attack survives
  • %47 of women are educated about heart attack and the ways to prevent it.

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  • tanil tanil : 04/03/2011 01:32:34
    "When you educate a woman, you educate a family." It all boils down to this.
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