Have, Has, Had Alıştırma - Have, Has, Had Test

03/12/2010 17:09:25

Have, Has, Had Alıştırma

you ever been to Çanakkale?
a spider got four legs?
3. Erdem and his brother
got three cousins.
4. My mother
telephoned my father before he came home.
5. Can I
a cup of coffee, please?
6. The exam
already started when we arrived.
7. Arda
to work. Otherwise he won't be able to pay the rent.
8. We
the company organize our wedding.
9. My father
to take a shower after he cleaned the garage.
10. Ahmet
got a girlfriend. Her name is İpek.
a look at this!
12. Me and my family
an excellent dinner in a restaurant last night.
13. Yavuz
to study very hard.
14. My little sister
to mail the letter yesterday.
15. He
got lots of chickens in his farm.

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