Duvak Alıştırma - Painted Veil Exercise

04/28/2011 00:00:00

Watch the video below and answer the questions. Please leave your comments below for the fourth quesiton.


1. How does he find his own job?
  • discusting
  • irritating
  • charming
  • fantastic
2. Why don’t they have flowers around their house?
  • Her mother doesn’t let her buy flowers.
  • Her mother is allergic to pollens.
  • Her mother thinks it’s a waste to buy flowers.
  • She thinks flowers are useless.
3. How did the woman feel when he asked her to marry him?
  • She was shocked.
  • She got extremely excited.
  • She was quite nervous.
  • She liked the way he asked.

4. Have you seen the movie "Painted Veil"? What do you think about it?

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