Fukushima 50

04/18/2011 13:34:00

Match the words and expressions with their synonyms/definition. Write the number of synonyms/definition to the blanks.

to be on a drip
to make your mind
life or death situation
  1. decide
  2. determined
  3. effect
  4. very serious
  5. seruma bağlı olmak

Listen to the podcaast from BBC. (mins: 00:00 - 05:00) Then answer the questions.


1. What is Fukushima 50?
  • It’s the name of the nuclear power plant.
  • The engineers who risk their life to stop the radiation leak are called Fukushima 50.
  • The people who suffer from high-radiation are called Fukushima 50.
  • It’s the name of the energy company.
2. The interview was on 25th of March, 2011. Since when Satsiko doesn’t hear from his father?
  • 16th of March
  • that Monday.
  • 18th of March.
  • the earthquake.
3. Why has Satsiko’s father gone to the nuclear power plant?
  • The officials forced him to do so.
  • He thought it was his national duty.
  • Because he felt guilty about the nuclear disaster.
  • His family didn’t want him to go.
4. Satsiko’s mother is in the hospital now because ...
  • she is very worried about her husband and has a very serious illness.
  • she was so sad and committed a suicide.
  • she can’t handle the stress of her husband’s being at risk of radiation but her illness isn’t fatal.
  • she has been exposed to high levels of radiation and taken to hospital.
5. How did her father’s going affect Satsiko?
  • She goes on her life as before.
  • She can’t work nor sleep.
  • She so angry to the power company that she can’t talk to anyone.
  • She is hopeless about her father’s health.

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