V for Vendetta

12/16/2010 14:04:04


"V for Vendetta" filminden alınan sahneyi izleryin ve aşağıdaki soruları cevaplayın. (Watch the scene from the movie "V for Vendetta" and answer the questions below.)
1. What does V leave to Iyv?
  • some trains
  • everything he has
  • everything in the world so she can do what she will do
2. What is the only truth for V?
  • Ivy was wrong
  • He has no right to pull the leaver
  • Anyone should decide for himself
3. Why is V going?
  • to end the world
  • to meet his maker
  • to pay his debt
4. What does the expression "I have no tree waiting for me." mean?
  • V has nothing anymore
  • V wants some people to wait for him
  • There is no happy ending for him anymore

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