Seyahat, Yolculuk - Journey

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Did you have a good journey? (Yolculuğun iyi miydi?)





The plane changed course to avoid the storm. (Uçak fırtınaya yakalanmamak için rotasını değiştirdi.)


The crossing was rough. (Yolculuk sertti.)



a shopping expedition: alışveriş gezisi / an Everest expedition: everst gezisi


Oil explorations has been continuing for about 1 year but we couldn't found anything yet. (Petrol arama çalışmaları neredeyse bir yıldır sürüyor ama daha bir şey bulamadık.)


Bolu is a great place to go hiking.


The tour operator will arrange transport and plan your itinerary. (Tur yetkilisi ulaşımı ayarlıyacak ve gözergahınızı planlayacak.)



They departed Texas on a three-year odyssey took them as far as Japan. (Teksas'tan onları Japonya'ya kadar götüren 3 yıllık maceralı yola çıktılar.)


We're going on a class outing to Adalar on Tuesday. (Salı günü adalara geziye gidiyoruz.)




After work I roamed the seaside for hours thinking of quitting. (İşten sonra işten ayrılmayı düşünerek saatlerce dolaştım.)



He came sauntering down the road with his hands in his pockets. (Elleri cebinde yoldan ağır ağır yürüyerek geldi.)


My sojourn in the youth hostel was thankfully short. (Gençlik otelinde kalışım neyse ki kısa sürdü.)




Someday I'd like to travel abroad. (Bir gün yurtdışına seyehat etmek istiyorum.)

trekking: uzun yürüyüş


He is on a business trip in Japan.




The voyage from England to India used to take six months.


I'll be wandering around the house. (Evin etrafında biaz dolaşıyor olacağım.)

Birlikte söylenen kelimeler - collocations

to make a journey: yolculuk yapmak

to go on a journey: yolculuğa çıkmak

to break a journey: yolculukta kısa bir süreliğine durmak

car/bus/train journey: araba, otobüs, tren yolculuğu

outward journey: dışarıya yolculuk

return journey: dönüş yolculuğu

rail/air/space travel: tren, hava, uzay yolculuğu

to go on a trip / to take a trip: geziye gitmek

Planning a holiday (Tatil Planlama)

Many people take their main holiday in summer, and although some people choose alast-minute break, others plan their holiday months in advance.

The beginning of the year is a good time for people to start looking at holidaybrochure.tour operator(company that organises holidays) as well astravel agent(the people that sell holidays) gives lots of information about holidaydestinationand types of holiday. Apart from the traditional two-week beach holiday (holidays that are spend on the beaches), you can choose from a range of holidays: acruise, an activity holiday (a holiday that involves walking, cycling, climbing or other sports), a city break (a weekend or a few days in a different city) and so on. A lot of people choose a package holiday (paket tatil), where flights and accommodation (konaklama) are included in the price. But many people prefer an independent holiday, where they make their own travel arrangements (tatil planlama).

If you travel independently, you will need tobookyour flights or train tickets. Unless you have an onward destination (yakın zamanda gidilecek yer), you will probably book areturn journey. Then you will need to make areservationat a hotel, or another place to stay, such as a campsite (if you are camping in a tent), or a caravan site (if you are staying in a caravan), or a B & B (a bed and breakfast).

For all types of foreign holidays, it is essential that you check you have all your travel documents. Make sure yourpassporthasn't expired, and that you have avisaif necessary. If you are travelling to some countries, you also need to make sure that all yourvaccinationare up to date. For some countries you might need a vaccination against hepatitis, or yellow fever, for example.

As yourdeparture dategets nearer, you can start to plan the details of your journey. Perhaps it will be a good idea to buya guide book , or aphrasebook, if you don't speak much of the local language. Some people like to read up on (= get lots of background information) on where they are going, and find out about the places of interest and"must-see"sights. It's also fun to make a packing list, so you don't forget any vital clothes or toiletries.

It's also a good idea to buylocalcurrencyin advance, if your flight gets in (= arrives) in the middle of the night, when no banks are open. Most airlines also advise you to take out (=get) travel insurancejust in case your flight is delayed or cancelled, or if you get ill and need to be repatriated (sent back to your country).

Don't forget to make arrangements for your pets and your house while you're away. Put your dog into kennels (a dog hotel), and leave a key with your neighbour just in case! Hopefully your neighbour willkeep an eye onyour house while you're on holiday! Finally, get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Nowadays it can take much longer to get through security and onto the plane. Have a nice trip and send your neighbour a postcard!

İyi Yolculuklar!

Bon voyage!

Have a nice journey!

Have a nice trip!

Have a good journey!

Enjoy your trip!

Safe journey!


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