a rolling stone gathers no moss

10/21/2010 00:00:00


gather: toplamak

moss: yosun

influence: etki

several: birkaç

release: (albüm, kitap) yayınlamak, piyasaya sürmek

influential: etkileyici

avoid: kaçınmak, sakınmak

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1. What does the proverb "a rolling stone gathers no moss" mean?
  • A person who keeps moving is succesful.
  • A stone which moves fast is always clean.
  • A person who never stay in a place for long time cannot be succesful.
2. Who influenced Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley?
  • Muddy Waters
  • Rolling Stone
  • Shelly Gollust
3. What is Bob Dylan's song about?
  • a lost woman
  • a successful and rich woman
  • a lonely woman


Is there any similar expression to "a rolling stone gathers no moss" in Turkish?

Is there any other Turkish expression that has big influence on Turkish music?

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