Zaman edatları - In, At, On - Alıştırma - Prepostions of time - Exercise

08/03/2010 15:50:17

Boşlukları anlamına göre "at", "in", "on" edatlarından biriyle doldurun.

1. We'll meet
2. Lots of people went to Germany
3. I have to find a job
a few months.
4. We will meet
Sunday morning for the breakfast.
5. He comes home
midnight these days, they're doing overtime.
6. My father always reads newspaper
the mornings.
7. Most people have breakfast outside
the weekends.
8. My friends made a surprise party
my birthday.
9. She will be here
one hour.
10. I will quit my job
the end of this month.
11. My birthday is
27th of May.
12. We're late; we can't be there
13. We usually eat the dinner
14. Their wedding is
4 August.
15. Will you be at the cinema
half an hour?

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