Metin içerisinde kelime - Alıştırması 2 - Vocabulary in context - Exercise 2

10/01/2010 00:00:00

Aşağıda koyu ve altı çizili yazılmış kelimelerin anlamlarını metin içerisinden tahmin ederek soruları yanıtlayınız.

1. There is a legal battle raging and the judges are concerned that time is running out. Lawyers are being asked to expeditethe matter by getting their paperwork in early. -- What does "expedite' mean?
  • quicken
  • agree on
  • sue
  • discuss
2. The election could actually end up being decided in the U.S. Congress. Al Gore's vice presidential running mate, Joe Lieberman, and perhaps Mr. Gore himself, would be able to vote on the matter. Some would argue that they should recusethemselves, but they would probably exercise their right to vote. -- What does "recuse' mean?
  • step aside and not be involved
  • admit that you are wrong
  • leave the country
  • insist on being heard
3. Some people believe that lawyers are always working to see that justice is done. On the other hand, some believe that lawyers only want to manipulate the legal system to get what they want. Could both sides be right? -- What does "manipulate' mean?
  • control in a honest way
  • give help
  • teach about or explain
  • disagree with
4. Only an hour or so had passed before a tremendous roar shook the ground. At that very moment, a strange grey creature materialized before our eyes. It resembled a lizard in shape. It was about ten feet high at the shoulders and at least fifty feet long. -- What did the creature do?
  • It whipped its tail back and forth.
  • It stamped its feet.
  • It showed its sharp teeth.
  • It appeared.
5. We have rather lofty expectations for you, son. You will attend college. You will become rich and famous. You will be elected president of the United States before you turn forty. -- Which word is a synonym of "lofty'?
  • high
  • shaky
  • small
  • lowly
6. No one suspected that Jerry was a spy. On the surface he behaved like any normal citizen. When his covert activity was discovered and announced to the world, we were all shocked.
  • friendly
  • helpful
  • loud
  • hidden
7. Mr. Burke stood before his employees. They had never seen him in such a serious mood. "I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that your future with this company depends on how hard you work,' he stated firmly.
  • a girl again
  • honest and thrustworthy
  • important
  • not responsible
8. I want you to weigh his words carefully. He seems sincere and presents his arguments well. There is, however, something that doesn't quite ring true about the candidate. -- What does "weigh' mean in the context of the selection?
  • to measure the mass
  • to pur pressure on a scale
  • to think about
  • to be important
9. Your uncle wouldn't even part with a dime to help the kids pay for their trip. That's just one more example of his penurious ways. In contrast, many people who have much less money have donated a great deal to the cause. -- What does "penurious' mea
  • very old
  • very wealthy
  • very humorous
  • very stingy
10. Kim was a very good substitute teacher. She liked working with third and fourth graders most of all. She especially liked discussing important current events issues with the kids. She had expected them to be indifferent to such grown-up topics as taxes and social security. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were really interested in those issues and wanted to learn more about them.
  • similar
  • very unusual
  • not caring
  • gross
11. Ashlee was not happy with her friend Samantha. "I've been waiting here for an hour!' she growled into her cell phone. "You'd better hie yourself over here,' she continued, "or we'll leave without you.
  • hurry or hasten
  • stroll or walk slowly
  • float above the trees
  • greet in an unfriendly manner

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