Metin içerisinde kelime - Alıştırma 4 - Vocabulary in context - Exercise 4

10/03/2010 00:00:00

Aşağıda koyu ve altı çizili yazılmış kelimelerin anlamlarını metin içerisinden tahmin ederek soruları yanıtlayınız.

1. The news story was based on a letter that was a fabrication. Now the reporter who wrote the story is in big trouble. Will anyone believe him again? -- A fabrication is ..................... .
  • fake
  • full of long words
  • made of cloth
  • funny
2. Fortunately, the dizzy spell was transient. He was able to continue playing within seconds and had no trouble winning the match. -- When you describe an event as "transient,' you are saying that .............................. .
  • it helps you win
  • it is quiet harmful
  • it doesn't last long
  • it sounds like a train
3. Brea and Elizabeth are having a dispute over which radio station to play at work. It would be so much simpler if they both liked the same kind of music. -- A dispute is a ............................... .
  • musical instrument
  • discovery
  • choise of music
  • disagreement
4. If your plan fails, we'll have to find someone who can devise a better one.
  • dislike
  • design
  • appliance
  • Choice 3
5. Both sides battled for years. They were very far apart and could find no way to make a lasting peace. When the fighting finally came to an end, everyone was exhausted and embittered. -- What does "embittered' mean?
  • humorous
  • sour tasting
  • very angry, resentful
  • annoyed
6. The workers stood in front of the factory and wondered what to do next. The doors were locked and the windows were boarded up. They doubted that they would even collect their final pay checks now that the company was insolvent.
  • broke, or out of money
  • changing a name
  • hiring new workers
  • making too much money
7. "I am going to rescind the permission I gave you to use my toys!' T. J. announced angrily. "I thought you would take good care of them, but I was wrong!'
  • celebrate
  • continue
  • cancel
  • repeat
8. It was a sad and haunting strain that met our ears as we entered the old theater. There was a beauty in the voice that we'd never forget. This would be a special concert.
  • filter
  • melody
  • effort
  • injury
9. Michael is an ardent supporter of his presidential candidate. That became obvious to me when I found out how much time he's donated to the campaign. Perhaps Michael knows what he's doing.
  • foolish
  • very strong
  • old
  • intelligent
10. "Michelle, I'm very upset about what you said,' Rosie stated firmly. "You didn't come right out and accuse me of eating all your candy. On the other hand, your remarks about my love of chocolate were made for a reason. You are insinuating that I'm the candy thief!'
  • to keep something hot or cold
  • to suggest without clearly saying
  • to do something evil
  • to protect from disease

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