Metin içerisinde kelime - Alıştırma 3 - Vocabulary in context - Exercise 3

10/02/2010 00:00:00

Aşağıda koyu ve altı çizili yazılmış kelimelerin anlamlarını metin içerisinden tahmin ederek soruları yanıtlayınız.

1. Mr. Huge was very proud of his auto superstore. "We have such an extensive selection of cars,' he said, "so everyone should find a vehicle that he or she will love!' -- The word "extensive' means ............................ .
  • costing a lot of money
  • large amount
  • having no color
  • not enough
2. In 1975, Governor James promised to do something about the high taxes in our state. She didn't present a tax cut bill to lawmakers until 1985. It took her a decade to keep her promise, but better late than never. -- How long is a decade?
  • 75 years
  • 85 years
  • a century
  • 10 years
3. If you count all the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate A, and only some of the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate B, you'll skew the results in favor of candidate A. -- What does "skew' mean?
  • roast
  • ignore
  • slant
  • ask
4. The home team made sure that the officials were on their side. They won a close game and the championship with many questionable decisions from the officials. However, no one from any other town would accept the winners as legitimate champions. -- What does "legitimate' mean?
  • real
  • talented
  • sneaky
  • good looking
5. When Beth and Donna were fighting over a boy who didn't like either one of them, Shana stepped in as amediator. She sat them both in a corner and kept them talking to each other. Finally, Shana's efforts resulted in her two friends making up.
  • troublemaker
  • peacemaker
  • witness
  • competitor
6. We walked slowly down the trail with great trepidation. No one who had gone this way had ever been heard from again. Had they simply found a better place to settle on this dark planet? We doubted that. -- Which word is a synonym of "trepidation'?
  • worry
  • movement
  • laughter
  • enjoyment
7. The Florida legislature believes that it has the power to choose the winner of the election if the courts haven't finished their work by December 12. Both houses are controlled by Republicans and they would surely resolve the matter in Bush's favor. -- What does "resolve' mean?
  • cancel
  • consider
  • settle
  • debate
8. Both sides in the election contest are throwing accusations at each other. The Gore supporters claim that Governor Bush is trying to thwart the will of the people. The Bush supporters say that Mr. Gore is trying to create votes or assign choices to people who did not really cast votes for president. -- What does "thwart' mean?
  • help
  • figure out
  • block
  • tickle
9. When your plan brings us great wealth, you will be rewarded for your sagacity.
  • good looks
  • mistakes
  • intelligance
  • huge appetite for herbs
10. Of course, I'm not saying that your plan is no good. I tend to be optimistic, so I won't be surprised when you succeed.
  • expecting the best to happen
  • needing glasses to see
  • full of gas
  • unselfish

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