Metin içerisinde kelime - Alıştırma 1 - Vocabulary in context - Exercise 1

09/30/2010 11:37:26

Aşağıda koyu ve altı çizili yazılmış kelimelerin anlamlarını metin içerisinden tahmin ederek soruları yanıtlayınız.

1. The reporter insisted that the letter he used was authentic. He said that he had shown it to many experts before he used it in his story. -- When something is authentic, it's ................... .
  • genuine, or real
  • carefully written
  • full of tasty worms
  • very old
2. When they heard the good news about the court's decision, the angry crowd cheered and then began to disperse. "It looks like everyone is going home,' one reporter stated. -- Which would be the opposite of "disperse'?
  • come together
  • smile
  • fly like a bird
  • sing
3. It's a wonder to me how anyone can still be undecided about this election. These two candidates are certainly distinct. Each would lead our nation in opposite directions. -- What does "distinct' mean?
  • needing a bath
  • dishonest
  • clearly different
  • about the same age
4. No matter what happens, I assureyou that I will not forget how hard you have worked on this project. -- What does "assure" mean?
  • dare
  • promise
  • act like a donkey
  • porget
5. Friendship is a pricelessthing. If Chris put a price, or conditions, on her friendship, it's no longer priceless. In fact, it's not real friendship at all! -- If something is priceless, ................................. .
  • it has a missing tag
  • it has no value
  • it has great value
  • it is made out of rice
6. Your plan looks good. I hope it will really work. It's time to implementit and see if it's as brilliant as you claim.
  • instrument
  • take apart
  • change
  • carry out
7. Kathy was looking for a strong but light material to use for making her water jugs. Unfortunately, she chose noodelite. It proved to too porousto hold jelly. -- A porous material ............................... .
  • is good for holding things that you pour
  • protects you in pouring rain
  • allows liquids to flow through it
  • is necessary for making bowling balls
8. I am working very hard for the same candidate that you support. You are doing it for pay. I'm not doing this for money. I'm doing it out of conviction.
  • being found guilty
  • strong belief
  • anger
  • a desire to eat prunes
9. Mary, of course you're overweight. You eat too much junk food. Even worse, you exercise infrequently. -- What does "infrequently' mean?
  • with a frown on one's face
  • at a gym
  • while wearing heavy clothes
  • not often
10. There is a very interesting article about solar storms in the February 14, 2000 issue of Time magazine. It tells about how these disturbances not only affect spacecraft, but can also disrupt terrestriallife. For example, they have even caused automatic garage doors to open in one town. -- What does "terrestrial' mean?
  • of or on the planet Earth
  • protective of automotive equipment
  • solar
  • in or near a pond
11. I think it would help our basketball team, if we allowed girls to play. I've seen how Patty has a knackfor making the tough shots when they're needed most. She wants to play on our team and we'd win more games with her help. -- What does "knack' mean?
  • to throw or toss
  • a hard punch
  • a kind of sports bag
  • an ability

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