Her Gün 1 İngilizce Kelime Alıştırma 5 - Daily Words Exercise 5

04/17/2010 15:22:05

basit seviye: until, enough, cause, suddenly, each

member of the team is given a different job to do.
2. He's tall
to change the bulb without getting on a chair.
3. If he starts to make puzzle, he doesn't stop
it's finished.
4. It was very sunny, but
grey clouds appeared and it started to rain.
5. I won't go to the school today,
I don't feel well.

orta seviye: vividly, solitude, drown, pull through, distant

1. There is too many people in this town, I don't like crowd; all I need is
2. The murderer was illustrated so
that it looked like a real man.
3. It was a serious accident, but we are all hoping she will
4. Suddenly she felt so alone, as if she belongs to a
planet, not to the earth.
5. We have to do something or he will
. He can't swim.

ileri seviye: linger, suppress, captivate, sanity, resonate

1. Don't
your fears. It will cause bigger problems in the future.
2. The singer was hypnotic; his voice
in the hearts of his audience, many of whom were moved to tears.
3. Women were easily
by Charles; he is very charismatic.
4. Try to understand the main point of the text, don't
over the details.
5. She couldn't preserve her
after she lost her whole family in a traffic accident two years ago.

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