Her Gün 1 İngilizce Kelime Alıştırma 10

05/23/2010 23:51:52

Basit seviye: add, spring, design, eager, headquarters

Orta seviye: show up, damn, atrium, remind, crush

İleri seviye: scrap, task force, blueprint, oversee, contemplation

1. Eiffel Tower was
by Gustave Eiffel.
2. Where is the
of the bank building? I have to hand it to the building contractor.
3. He's a bright kid and
to learn.
4. I invited him for eight o'clock, but he didn't
until nine-thirty.
5. Thanks to the
, daylight comes into the building; energy consuming for lighting decreases.
6. We are moving the
from Ankara to İstanbul, so it's a busy period for us.
7. Angela was
by the announcement that she was the last in competition.
8. It's manager's duty to
the interviews of the applicants.
9. You know
well what I'm talking about!
10. In silent
, you can think deeper and decide more easily.
11. I remember that day vividly, it was a cold, sunny day in early
12. She
new artists all the time; she'll have a huge collection soon.
13. That song always
me of our first date.
14. We believe that car tax should be
; it's too much.
15. They need to form a
to develop a new strategy for their financial problems.

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