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07/18/2010 11:18:30

Kelimeleri hatırlamak için üzerlerine tıklayın.

Basit Seviye Kelimeler: prison , option , wonder , competitor , foreign

1. There are a lot of
, you can choose whichever you like.
students like to see more authentic places rather than touristic places.
3. I
what he'll do after the graduation.
4. They put every opposing person or group in the
5. We are far behind of our
. We should put more advertisements to the media.

Orta Seviye: get paid , negotiate , corrupt , fugitive , get the hell out of here

!! I don't want to hear your lies any more.
2. We will try to
with the company on marketshare.
3. How much do you
as a waiter?
4. The
criminal was caught on the crime scene after two days.
policemen take bribe, what can be done to stop this?

İleri Seviye:incarcerate , avenge , weigh in with , jump through hoops , approach

1. He swore he will
this injustice.
2. He was at home for three weeks feeling
and hopeless.
3. I was
by some TV channels but I'm not sure which to choose.
4. The judges
their oppositions to the new law.
5. He
to fill his stomach years ago but now he has everything he wants.

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