Her Gün 1 İngilizce Kelime - Exercise 9

05/15/2010 10:10:21

Basit seviye: accidentally, recognize, take away, swear, arrive

Orta seviye: in charge of, sort of, consider, commit, get to know

İleri seviye: controversial, incapable, affiliaiton, indispensable, inevitable

1. Hakan
that he didn't tell anything to my mother.
2. You can understand why he killed himself if you
his whole life.
3. He was assigned to ministry of foreign affairs even though he has no
to the ruling party.
4. I will rub your leg. This should
some of the pain.
5. What
shampoo do you use? Your hair looks really healthy, it's sparkling.
6. The politicians are
of making peace. When they get the power to control some things, they start to make more violence.
7. I
tear your test results; I thought it was something unnecessary. I'm sorry.
8. Is she being judged for
murder? I can't believe.
9. If you want to be a good guitar player, practicing regularly is
10. Did you
the boy behind the door? He was our neighbor years ago.
11. We need to spend more time together to
each other better.
12. The
biology book still gets criticism from both sides after two years of its publication.
13. It took our two hours to
at the hospital because of the terrible traffic.
14. Who is
this shop? I want to see him personally.
15. He was very tired and after driving non-stop for two hours, the accident was

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