Her Gün 1 İngilizce Kelime - Alıştırma 12

06/05/2010 00:00:00

Basit seviye: moon, forever, mind, shine, even

Orta seviye: already, bet, find out, refuse, confuse

İleri seviye: disguise, overwrought, inexcusable, shenanigans, crook

1. You
told me that. This is the second time.
2. I want this moment to last
, I'm so happy.
3. You won't see any last minute
here. We organized everything neatly.
4. The craters on the surface of the
were caused by the impact of meteor or comets.
5. It's been three years since he died but the event is still fresh in most people's
6. When he learned the good news, his eyes
7. The government
to raise the salaries.
8. He was drunken and talked nonsense; it was an
act to do on his wife's birthday.
9. She didn't come to the wedding, she did not
bother to phone us.
10. The
got away across the park; the police couldn't catch him.
11. How did you
about the concert? I haven't seen the posters anywhere.
12. I'll put your luggage a red fabric in case you
it on the airplane.
13. Maybe you could
yourself as a waiter and sneak in there.
14. I
anything that Faruk didn't stole the money; he is not such a person.
15. He thought she was
and the best way of dealing with that was a good night's sleep.

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