Her Gün 1 İngilizce Kelime - Alıştırma 11

05/29/2010 10:53:31

Basit seviye: laugh, adventure, come on, bite, buddy

Orta seviye:work out, bond, seriously, blame, mutual

İleri seviye: plenty, limerick, count one's blessings, look up to, his/her heart is in the right pace

1.She had some exciting
on the back of a camel in Egypt.
2. Let's hope this new job
well for him; or he'll get really hopeless, it's his third job this year.
3. Don't give up so quickly; it's just one mistake,
4. Our sound man, Malcolm, was my diving
- we're going to be late if you don't hurry!
6. I've been writing
for a long time; I started when I was 13. It's really funny.
7. Uh! Keep that mosquito away from me. It will
8. Each party
the other but no one suggests a solution.
9. Both countries are acting to their
advantage; if they wouldn't a war could break out.
10. She didn't do it on purpose; you know that
11. They've always had
of money; he doesn't know what poverty is.
12. It's important to
with the place you live; it makes you feel that you belong there.
13. It's time to talk
about our relationship; he's leaving to east for a new job but I'm not sure I want to move.
14. When she told me they were getting married I didn't know whether to
or cry.
15. Young boys usually need someone to
in their surroundings. It can be someone from the family or an outsider.

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