For or Since Alıştırma - For or Since Exercise

08/03/2010 13:29:17

Boşlukları anlama göre "for" veya "since" ile doldurun.

1. I've lived with her
six years.
2. They've known each other
they were a kid.
3. She has been working
hours; why don't you help her?
4. Turkey has been having hard times
several years.
5. I have been calling her
morning, but she doesn't answer.
6. Tarrega had been playing guitar
he was a kid.
7. My friend has been playing tennis
two years.
8. I've been travelling now
two days.
9. She has been studying English
a long time.
10. I haven't seen my family
I moved to İstanbul.
11. I've had a pain in my stomach
12. I haven't had a break
six hours.
13. It's the best news I've heard
a long time.
14. He has been sleeping
he came from work.
15. They have been running this restaurant

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    %93 :)
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