Finansal Analiz - Sıfatlar - Financial Analysis - Adjectives

12/07/2010 00:00:00

Put the words into the spaces.

competitive, relative, vertical, intelligent, fundamental, customisable, unique, extensive, individual, flexible

1. Our industry is highly
that's why we always have to keep developing.
2. As well as professional companies,
investors are among our customer groups.
websites are getting more and more common, the users can customise some interfaces.
systems, that can learn, are being developed to make life easier.
5. Some companies have
working hours. The employees only have to complete a certain amount of hours.
6. There are some
tasks to be finished this week. We cannot pass to the others before we finish these tasks.
7. The value of a stock is
to the number of stocks sold. The more it is sold the more it gets valuable.
8. An
research is necessary because this is the first time we have encountered such an illness. We need a broad and detailed analysis.
9. A person's handwriting is
that's how we can detect if signature is real or not. Developed softwares can recognize even the smallest differences.
analysis measures a company's performance over a certain time period. For this you need 2 different balance sheets to compare the change of one or more piece of financial data.

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