Finansal Analiz - İsimler - Financial Analysis - Nouns

12/06/2010 00:00:00

Put the words into the spaces, use plural where necessarry.

interval, fluctuation, footnote, inflation, currency, consensus, income, capability, ratio, client

1. The diplomats keep quiet about the cables released by Wikileaks, but the general
is that the world is in a diplomatic crisis that will take long to overcome.
in the market creates an unsafe atmosphere.
3. These machines are high-technology, they have the
to learn and adapt themselves through new data.
4. The computers are maintained at regular
, usually every three months.
5. Each of our
is given attention personally. They know they are important to us and a suitable solution will be supplied for them.
6. The
of the company have risen by 4.5% over the past year. We will keep growing.
7. The
of profit to loss is over 2:1. That is quite good.
8. Russia's
is Russian ruble. You can change your money at the airport.
9. If you have any difficulty in understanding the leaflet look at the
. There are brief explanations of the terms.
10. In Turkey
never goes down and the money loses value constantly.

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