Finans Analizi - Fiiller - Financial Analysis - Verbs

12/02/2010 00:00:00

Put the words into the spaces in correct forms.

use, associate, cover, contain, examine, position, dedicate, create, consolidate, come up with

1. All the employees
brilliant ideas about the name of our new product yesterday.
2. This package
two different analysis tools.
3. The other companies that we are working with also
a similar software.
4. Most people
this brand with good quality. We have gained this trust through years of meticulous work.
5. We are thinking of
the two departments without sacking any employees.
6. This leaflet
what we've just discussed in more detail and also names of some important resources you may want to read on this subject.
7. We are all sure that our new product will
a stir in the market.
8. The needs of your company were
9. If the employees see that the manager is totally
to the project, they get motivated easily.
10. The windows can be
wherever you wish.

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