Daily Word 26. Week

07/03/2010 17:33:52

Kelimeleri hatırlamak için üstlerine tıklayabilirsiniz.

Basit Seviye: congratulations, complain, misunderstand, hang out, drawer

1. The scissors are in the
2. Don't
; we have to think about a solution instead.
3. Is he still
at the internet cafe for hours?
, you have passed your driver test!
5. Please don't
me but your hair seems a little weird with that big flower.

Orta Seviye: ambiguous, overtime, anticipate, up to, keep track

1. You shouldn't interfere, the decision is
him; he is not your little boy any more.
2. We don't
any problems, the project is very well organized.
3. Our employees recieve double pay for
4. I like the stories with
ends becuase then I put them an end as I wish.
5. On holiday it is hard to
of your money.

İleri Seviye: utensil, void, distinct, off the charts, foolproof

1. They're just trying to fill a
in their lives.
2. Using the same
can spread viral diseases.
3. Their success is
; they doubled the sales in three months.
4. Japanese and English are two entirely
5. This system of verification is not
; we need a safer system.

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