Yeni Gezegen Corot-9b Dünya Gibi Ilıman - New Planet Corot-9b Has Earth-like Temperatures

03/19/2010 13:48:54

New planet Corot-9b has Earth-like temperatures

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

The firstplanetwith a "temperate" climate toorbita distant star has been discovered by astronomers, who claim that the techniques used to study it will be critical in the search for Earth-like worlds beyond our ownsolar system.

Corot-9b, as the planet is called, is one of more than 400 "exoplanets" found to be orbiting other stars, but it is the first one with a near-normal temperaturerangethat can be studied as it moves across (or "transits") the sun it orbits.

"This is a normal, temperate exoplanet just like dozens we already know, but this is the first whose properties we can study in depth," said Claire Moutou, one of the team of astronomers at the European Southern Observatory who made thediscovery. "It is bound to become a Rosetta stone in exoplanet research."

Corot-9b passes in front of its host star, 1,500 light years away in theconstellationSerpens, every 95 days, and thetransitlasts about eight hours, which is when astronomers can make measurements of the planet's composition and temperature,estimatedto range from minus 20C to 160C.

"Corot-9b is the first exoplanet that really doesresembleplanets in our solar system," said Hans Deeg, theleadauthor of the study published in the journal Nature. "It has the size of Jupiter and anorbitsimilar to that of Mercury. We expect this to be a reference object for the nextdecade. We canderiveits temperature as we know thedistanceto the central star and the type of central star it is."


Vocabulary Exercise

Mars is also known as "Red ..... ."
  • star
  • planet
  • rock
Everybody says that I ..... my father.
  • resembles
  • rezemble
  • resemble
Sandra Bullock won the oscar prize for "the best actress and the ..... role."
  • leading
  • supporting
  • leads
The ..... consits of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, minor planets and many other objects.
  • sun
  • earth
  • solar system
The average ..... from the Earth to the Moon is 384,403 kilometres.
  • height
  • distance
  • weight

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