Yangın Rio Karnavalı kostümlerini ve festival arabalarını kül ettti - Fire destroyes Rio Carnaval costumes and floats

03/09/2011 09:17:04

Afiercefirerippedthrough Rio de Janeiro's "Samba City" Monday,destroyingthe costumes andfloatsofat leastthree of the city's biggest samba schools weeks before the country'sannualCarnival festivities.

The fire, which caused anestimated10 million reais ($5.95 million) of damage, appeared to send the dreams of thousands of the city's dancers, designers and musicians up in smoke. Many had spentcloseto a year preparing for the two-dayparade.

"I'm in astateof shock. Thethe penny hasn't dropped yet," a school's artistic director, Cahe Rodrigues, told the Guardian. He said the fire destroyed 98 percent of Grand Rio's floats and costumes.

"Our school wasgearing upup to win Carnival and I don't know if in 29 days we can put on aspectacleon the same level as we had hoped. It's all burned, all destroyed."

The president of a school called Uniao da Ilhabroke downon the news show “Good Morning Brazil” today, saying the effort to stage a parade must now “start from zero,” reported GlobalPost'sseniorcorrespondentin Brazil, Erik German

“It’sunfortunate,” the school president said, “But let us never lose ourjoy.”

Samba schools are more like massive production companies than schools and they spend the year building parade floats,sewingelaboratecostumes and choreographing huge performances that become theimageof Carnival seen around the world, reports German.

The fire, whichinvestigatorssuspectwas anaccident, beganaround7 a.m. andlastedfor hours. There were noinitialreports ofseriousinjuriesordeaths.

The fire appears to havevirtuallydestroyed the work of three of the city's 12 biggest samba schools, and it is not clear how they will manage tocompetein March's competition.

nonetheless, Rio's Carnival 2011 and itsinformalparades around the city as well as street parties willsurelygo on.

“The fire burned everything,” president of Academicos do Grande Rio, Helio de Oliveira, told The New York Times, “but it didn’t burn our Carnivalspirit.”

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