Japonya depremini tanıklar anlatıyor - Eyewitnesses telling the earthquake

03/15/2011 15:00:00

Ryan MacDonald, Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture

I am an English teacher in Koriyama city, Fukushimaprefecture, it is very close to the nuclear plant.

Myself and three friendsfled fromthe city on Saturday night at one in the morning, to getfurtherfrom the reactor. We are now staying with a friend of a friend in Kitakata city.

Theofficiallineis that there is no danger of radiationexposure, but we have been hearingconflictingthings from unofficialsourcesand we didn't want totake the risk.

Daily life was alsobecomingdifficult in Koriyama - we had no water or gas, there was ariskypowerstrike, and the shops wererunning out offood.

Here in Kitakata there is very littledamagefrom the earthquake, but there are longqueuesin shops and many things,includingpetrol, are beingrationed. Still, we are very happy to have hot food andshowersagain!

There was more damage in Koriyama - a sushi restaurantcollapsed, my apartment shook, and the roadsplit.

Robert Murphy in Fukushima City

We aresome50 miles west of the nuclear powerplant, the other side of atrickymountain range.

We've not been told toevacuatehere. I don't think it would be easy because transport has been badlyaffectedby thedisaster.

We don't have a car and the roads would becongested. And anyway, where would we go? To the west there is a mountain range, to the north Sendai, to the east the power station and to the south Tokyo, but it has its own problems.

Themoodin the town is very good at the moment - calm andevenhumorous.

People areresilienthere, andused toearthquakes. But I have to say that this one, and the tsunami and nuclearincidents, havestartledpeoplefar morethanusual.

Alex Miyaji, Sano

I've just arrived back home in Sano, which was about 90km north of Tokyo.

Me and my brothers have justmanagedto get into contact with our mother Wendy, who is in an area called Shichigahama in the Miyagi district, which is close to theepicentreof the earthquake.

There are other Britishexpatswith her, including anelderlycouplewho don't have anywhere else to go.

I was in Tokyoat the timeof the quake - on my way back home, waiting for a bus. I saw the busin frontof me starting to shake and Iinitiallythought it was just thewind. But it then got stronger and I sawsurroundingbuildings shaking too so werushedto the middle of the road in the open space.


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