France Ban the Burka - Fransa Yüz Örtüsünü Yasaklıyor

07/19/2010 10:37:39

The French NationalAssemblypassedalegislationto ban women from wearing full-face Islamicveilsin public.

The Legislation wasvotedin by 335 members and there was one vote against theproposal. The single no vote was cast by a member of Green Party. The legislation will go to the Senate in September and is expected to pass.

If becamelaw, the legislation wouldimposeafineofaround150 Euro to the women who wear the burka in public. A much moreseverefine of about 30 thousand Euro and a prison term of one-year will be given to anyone who force women to wear such veils,targetingthe males forcing women to cover their faces.

It was decided that, the law will besubmittedto the Constitutional Court to determine whether it iscompatiblewith theconstitution.

France has 5 million Muslims and it isestimatedthat less than 2 000 women wear full-face veils.

France Ban the Burka
1. Elected officials ought to obey the ......... .
  • vote
  • law
  • fine
2. The government should propose a ......... to protect children.
  • legislation
  • constitution
  • member
3. The first three articles in the ......... of Turkish Republic cannot be changed.
  • law
  • legislation
  • constitution

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