Bir Dahinin Hayatı - Life of a Genius

11/23/2010 10:46:07

Albert Einstein, the most famous physicist of the century, the father ofrelativity, changed forever people's old scientificcertitudesand ourperceptionof theuniverse. Hedevotedhis life toprovethat the laws that move the smallestunseenelectrons must alsogovernthemacrocosmosofintergalacticspace. Scientistsidolisehim, for Einstein was the mosteminentamong them in this century, and for some, the greatest scientist of all time.But forall his scientificwisdom, Einsteincharmedeveryone with hissimplicity. He loved to play his violin andsailon the sea. He also loved children in whosecompanyhe lost hisshynessand was very funny. He was soopposedtoposthumous venerationthat heorderedhis ashes to bescatteredin some unknown place. And during his life he used to say that "With fame I became more and more stupid... a verycommonphenomenon'.

Bir Dahinin Hayatı

In his earliest years in Germany, Einstein showed noobvioussignof genius; he did not begin talking until the age of three. When his father's businessfailedand the family moved to northern Italy, Einsteindropped out ofof school. Hespenta year travelling, then heappliedto the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich. But he failed the entrance exam and wasadmittedonly after a year offurtherstudy. At university hecutlecturesand read what hepleased; one teacher called him a "lazy dog'. But in 1905 herevolutionizedmodern physics with his theories on the relationship between energy, time,massand thevelocityof light.

Shortly after Hitler came to power in Germany, Einstein accepted apostat the American University of Princeton and became a U.S.citizenin 1940. He would never return to Germany.Observingthe effects of the atomic bombs whichdevastatedJapan, Einsteinexpresseddeepregret. In many ways his own theories had beencrucialin producing atomic power. In his last public act before his death in 1955, he joined other scientists in adesperatepleato stopwarfarein our world.


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