Barış Manço'nun Ailesi'nin Savaşı - Family of Barış Manço Hopes to Regain Turkish Pop Star's House

06/30/2010 00:00:00

Family of Barış Manço hopes to regain Turkish pop star's house

June 28, 2010

Although he was a beloved Turkish rock music icon, a state artist and the recipient of foreign honors, Barış Manço's house wasrepossessedfollowing his death,allegedlyfor unpaid debts. The artist's son Doğukan Manço says the state has not protected the memory of his father. 'We need support to protect my father's memory and to get this house back'

Despite being the family of a rock musician loved by Turks from all generations and all walks of life, the sons of thelegendaryBarış Manço wereevictedfrom their home soon after the singer's death over a decade ago. Now, however, one of the artist's sons hopes torepurchasethe house within the next five years.

Manço, who held the title of state artist and was also awarded honors by France and Belgium, died in 1999. After his death, his house and personal belongings wereconfiscate. Remembering those days with a deep sorrow, Manço's elder son, musician Doğukan Manço, spoke about the events after his father's death.

"We need support so that our family can own the house again,' he said.

"I grew up in this house, I played with my friends in its garden, it was a castle to me. Later, they suddenly took my castle from me after my father died,' he said. "Even though I was not able to come to the house for five years, I cried in front of this door everyday.'

"We are thinking of putting thesebelongingsin the museum but it is very hard for us. I hope you understand my feelings. While sharing these things with his fans, I feel like I am abandoning private things between my father and me, one by one,' Manço said.

When asked if it was difficult to be the child of a famous father, he said: "It is an honor to be Barış' son. I have never beenoverwhelmedby my father's name. I have never seen him as arival- he was my role model. I am only jealous of sharing him, I wanted him to be mine only.'

The museum displays Manço's personal belongings, costumes, accessories and awards, while the entrancefeeis largely symbolic - just 1 Turkish Lira. It is open everyday except Mondays.

Vocabulary Exercises

I put my personal ..... in a small bag.
  • rival
  • belongings
  • fee
He was ..... from his house because he couldn't pay the rent.
  • evicted
  • evict
  • eviction
She ..... the house she was born in.
  • confiscate
  • repurchased
  • overwhelmed

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