Apple Yazılımcıları Mac Uygulamaları yapmaya davet ediyor - Apple Invites Developers to Submit Mac Apps

11/29/2010 09:27:30

Developerswho have createdapplicationsfor Appleproducts, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch,beganreceivinge-mail invitations on Wednesday tosubmitapplications to the coming Mac App Store.

Steven P. Jobs, Apple'schiefexecutive, announced the company's nextforayinto softwaredeliverythrough the Mac App Store, a system designed to let users download software to their Macs, during product announcements last month.

Mr. Jobs said the company had learned a lot about software, gaming andcontentdelivery through the Apple iTunes store and the iPhone and iPad and wanted to bring theseresourcesandsimplicityto the Mac desktop.

Some developers have questioned how the new store will work and whether the kind of applications submitted will be content-based like games and media apps, or if they willprimarilybetraditionalservice applications like word-processing and photo-editingsuites.

John Gruber, the author of Daring Fireball, an Appleenthusiastblog, hasspeculatedwhether some developers will be able to submit iPad apps to the Mac App store andtweakthe code and design for a desktopinterface.

The Mac App Store is not expected to open to the public for another two months. By inviting developers now, the company hopes toensurethat it opens for business withstockedsoftwareshelves.

Apple Yazılımcıları Mac Uygulamaları

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