21. yüzyılda dil çalışması - Language study for the 21st Century

07/26/2010 00:00:00

Students must be taught that there is no difference between a lemon and afloppy disk.

Orat leastthat thebinarydata on the floppy disk is written in the same language as the genetic code of the lemon, claims aleadingAmerican academic.

It is all aboutnoughtsandones.

This may soundnuts, but this knowledge makes the difference between a successful economy and adoomedone. It is what the US understands and Argentina failed to.

According to the director of the Harvard Business School Life Science Project, Dr Juan Enriquez: "The new international language of this century is the language of IBM and computers and not English any more. It's the language also of genetics." 

Knowledge transfer

He believes technology and theabilityto use andtransmitdata are whatdrivecivilisations.

"Society must be science andcomputer-literate. People aretradingknowledge and notwheatany more.

"And the language of computers is how we communicate this knowledge.

"Businesses arebuilt onthis knowledge and governments trade with it.

"Ninety-oneper centof information now is in digital code. Governmentsignorethis at your countries'peril," he said.

Literacy in this new language should start at school, he said.

Students should become as wellversedin the language of binary code and science as in English and history.

Government backing

Dr Enriquez added: "But beingliteratein computers and science, particularly genetics, is only the first step.

"Governments have to back the scientists and help fund research institutes for an economy to be successful.

"Those who ignore the geneticrevolutionwill befunctionallyilliterateandunableto understand or compete in a rapidly changing economy."


21. yüzyılda dil çalışması

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