Yazıda en çok kullanılan bağlaçlar - The most common conjunctions in writing

10/20/2010 13:17:50

Bilgi ilave etme

  • Moreover - dahası
Reading books help to learn new information, moreover, it helps to keep the brain cells fresh.
  • Furthermore - ayrıca
Tv programs are boring, furthermore, they are a waste of time.
  • in addition : ek olarak / In addition to - ... 'ya ek olarak
This hotel is as comfortable as your own house, in addition, it is not very expensive.
This hotel is as comfortable as your own house, in addition to its reasonable prices.
In addition to its reasonable prices, this hotel is as comfortable as your own house.
  • Besides - ayrıca, ilaveten
She is very intelligent, besides, she is a very reliable friend.

Tersine (zıtlık anlatma)

  • In contrast : tersine / in contrast to : ...'nın tersine
I think, the new reforms in Turkey will not make any improvement, in contrast it may cause democracy to go worse.
  • However : fakat
She has to go to a dentist; however, she so scared that she prefers to live with the pain.
  • On the contrary: aksine
Violence won't solve anything, on the contrary, causes more trouble.


  • As a result : sonuç olararak
All the documents have been burnt in the fire, as a result, we lost all the works.
  • For this reason : bu sebepten
The machines are very complicated, for this reason we need professionals to use them.
  • Therefore : böylece / bu yüzden
They are going to offer various options, therefore, the people can find whatever they want.


  • Firstly / first of all : ilk olarak
First of all the society needs free heath care and shelter.
  • Secondly / second of all: ikinci olarak
Secondly they need job.
  • Finally / lastly : son olarak
Finally, they have to be paid enough to live comfortable.


  • In other words : başka bir deyişle
He hides the truth, in other words, he lies.
  • That is: yani
They teach English by direct method; that is, they only speak English in the lessons.

Benzerlik (örnek verirken)

  • Similarly: benzer şekilde
Cars must stop at red traffic lights. Similarly, bicycles should stop too.

Sonlandırma / özetleme

  • In summary / to sum up / in conclusion : özetle
To be able to live longer, you should eat heathier food, do sports, find ways that you can be productive. In summary you should take care of yourself well.

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