Yağmur Adam - Rain Man (1988)

05/26/2010 12:15:13

Rain Man - Yağmur Adam (1988)

Yağmur Adam

Director : Barry Levinson

Writers : Barry Morrow (story and screenplay), Ronald Bass (screenplay)

Leading Roles : Dustin Hoffman (Raymond Babbitt), Tom Cruise (Charlie Babbitt), Valeria Golino ( Susanna), Gerald R. Molen (Dr. Bruner (as Jerry Molen)

Country : USA

Runtime : 133 minutes

Synopsis :

It is the story of a young man whoregainshishumanitythrough theunexpectedlove of an unexpected brother.

Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) is aself centeredCalifornian man. His fatherpasses away, leaving him only prize roses and a 1949 Buick Roadmaster. Charlietracesthe remainder of theinheritanceto an institution for the mentally challenged--Wallbrook. There, Charlie discovers theexistenceof a brother named Raymond Babbitt (Dustin Hoffman), that he'd never known. Charlie kidnaps Raymond from the institute in the hopes ofransominghim for at least half of the $3,000,000.

Raymond's fear of flyingforcesthem to make a cross-country road trip. During the trip two brothers reconnected. Charlie starts tocareabout his brother. Charlie learns that he'd actually known his brother when he was young. But Raymond burned young Charlie badly in hot water and was forced to live at Wallbrook. When they reach Los Angeles, Charlie realises his ability to love and his brother is far more important to him than money.

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