Wall-E (2008)

10/28/2010 00:00:00

Director: Andrew Stanton

Writers: Andrew Stanton (original story) & Pete Docter (original story); Andrew Stanton (screenplay) & Jim Reardon (screenplay)

One day the humans send another robot, Eve, to see if still life exits or not. Wall-E falls in love with Eve at the first sight, however as soon as Eve finds a plant, she becomes deactivated. Wall-E not understanding what happened to Eve, protects her from the rain, storm and wind. When a ship comes to take Eve back, Wall-E goes with her who couldn't prevent her going. The humankind lives in amassivespace ship in thehoveringchairs and eating all the time. They are so fat that they can barely move. The machines, which don't want humans to turn back, take control of the ship.

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