Sonuç deyimleri - Consequence idioms

10/19/2010 16:59:26

can't make an omelette without breaking eggs

Sonuç deyimleri

= büyük bir değişiklik mutlaka bir şeylerin kaybına sebep olur, fedakarlık yapmadan hiçbir şey elde edilmez

I know it will be very hard to work longer hours but we can't make an omelette without breking eggs.
Twenty jobs will have to be cut if the company's going to be made more efficient. But you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

the devil to pay

Sonuç deyimleri

= bir şeyin sonucunda sorun çıkacak, kıyamet kopacak

If we can't finish the project this week, there will be the devil to pay.
Are aware of serioussness of the situation, there'll be the devil to pay if you say something wrong.

come what may

Sonuç deyimleri

= sonucu ne olursa olsun

Come what may, I will talk to our neighbours; this noise is too much.
You should tell her the truth, come what may.

face the music

Sonuç deyimleri

= yaptığın şeyin sonucuna katlanırsın

You've broken the rules of agreement, now you have to face the music.
After failing a math test, Tom had to go home and face the music.

come to a bad end

Sonuç deyimleri

= kötü sonlanmak, sonucu kötü olmak

If you don't stop neglecting your family, you'll come to a bad end.
If that boy doesn't change his ways, he'll come to a bad end!

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