Sigara halka açık yerlerde yasaklanmalı mı? - Should smoking be banned in public places?

04/04/2011 14:50:00

There are many arguments concerning thenotionof smoking in public places. Although smoking any kind of tobacco is currently banned in public places; the discussions are not yetconclusiveenough to cease theinquisitionof the matter at hand. Prohibition; is it anabominationto the free spirit ofwill poweror arighteousact on saving lives byenforcedlaw?

It is a well known fact that “smoking kills”,let alonethe health of smokers, we are all aware of the consequences of second hand smoking as well. When the cigarette smoke is exhaled, itlingeron the air andcontaminateanything or anyone within for around half an hour. Due to this unfortunate situation, not only the smoker is affected, but also the people around him and even the people that will be there half an hour later will be too. “Freedom is onlyunboundso long as it doesn’tintersectwith the freedom of another.”therebythe freedom of one smokercoincidewith dozens of nonsmokers and it cannot becondoneby law, for this it must be restricted.

It would be unreasonable to think that smokers expect others to tolerate theirfume. That is, in fact, not the case,all the whilethere is an alternate solution beyondutterprohibition or none at all, the authorities keep ignoring it. It may seem that they find it inadequate or to simply put it toosteepfor their pockets tocompensate. With a good air-condition coverage it is more than possible to cleanse the air from dangerous fumes for which these air conditioned areas would be strategically placed to improve air quality at public locations. This way both the nonsmokers would be safe and the smokers would have a private area for their leisure activity of smoking. Is it really necessary toconfineour freedom rather than spending money on the foundation for our equality? The health risks of first and second hand smoking arelegitimateindeed;nonethelessit is also available to us that we can restrain these risks and at the same time resume a peaceful ambience through repeal of prohibition.

It is not only a health matter, almost all the pubs and clubs are able to operate, simply because most of their customers enjoy a cigarette while drinking. With the restriction of this luxury, hundreds of profit making bars, restaurants, are going bankrupt which is a definiteimpacton our countries economic situation. During a work day in business companies, corporations, there isn’t enough break time to get the needed amount of nicotine consequently workefficiencyisdiminish. The less the employees are able to get a cigarette break the more stressed and less focused they become and accidents tend to happen more often. Not to mention some employees will violate the restrictions.

In my personal opinion, it is imperative that in order to reduce the effects of second hand smoking and at the same time protect theintegrityof our birthrights, air-conditioned fume-cleansing zones for smokers are emplaced for the benefit of the civilized human kind.

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