Nükleer Santraller - Nuclear Power Plants

03/24/2011 15:11:00

Advantages of NPPs are:

  • Essentially no greenhouse gas release
  • Does not produce air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxides or particulates
  • It produces only a little waste
  • Small number of accidents
  • Low fuel costs
  • Fuel is easy to transport and reserve
  • Future designs may be small and modular (SSTAR, etc.)

Disadvantages are:

  • Nuclear waste is dangerous for thousands of years
  • Consequences of an accident might be disastrous
  • There is a risk of nuclear proliferation associated with some designsü
  • It requires high amount of money to establish a npp
  • In the past long construction periods and delaying return on investment

Nuclear power is highly controversial, so that nuclear plants were stopped in Europe. (except in Finland, Ukraine, and Russia). Almost all the advantages and disadvantages are discussed in some degree by the advocates for and against nuclear power.

The cost benefits of nuclear power are also in dispute. It is generally agreed that the capital costs of nuclear power are high and the cost of the necessary fuel is lower than other fuel sources. Proponents claim that nuclear power has low running costs; opponents claim that it needs numerous safety systems and this significantly increases running costs.

Some claims that disposal of spent fuel and other nuclear waste is an advantage of nuclear power, because the waste is smaller in quantity than the other similar technologies and the cost of disposal small when it is compared to the value of the power produced. Others list it as a disadvantage because of that the environment cannot be adequately protected from the risk of future leakages from long-term storage.

Answer these questions:

1. What is the antonym of proponent?
  • advocate
  • opponent
  • except
2. Why were the npps stopped in Europe?
  • Nobody knows the reason.
  • It is only because the npps are very expensive to set up.
  • The benefits and damages are still being discussed.
3. Are you for or against the nuclear power plants? Is the amount of energy produced worth taking risk? (Nükleer santralleri destekliyor musunuz yoksa karşı mısınız? Üretilen enerji miktarı risk almaya değer mi? Lütfen görüşlerinizi örneklerle destekleyin.)
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