No Man's Land - Tarafsız Bölge (2001)

05/24/2010 14:02:59

No Man's Land - Tarafsız Bölge (2001)

No Man's Land -

Director: Danis Tanovic

Writer: Danis Tanovic

Leading Roles: Branko Djuric (Ciki), Rene Bitorajac (Nino), Filip Sovagovic (Cera), Georges Siatidis (Marchand)

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, France, UK, Belgium

Runtime: 98 minutes


It is thesatiricaltale of two enemy soldiers,Ciki and Nino, who find themselvesstrandedin No Man's Land during the 1993 BosnianConflict. Ciki is a Bosnian Muslim, and Nino is a Bosnian Serb. The two soldiersconfronteach other in atrench, where they wait for dark. Than a wounded Bosnian soldier wakes from unconsciousness and they find out that a landminehas been buried beneath him. If he makes any move, it will befatal.

Marchand, a Frenchsergeantof the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), gets involved in effort to help the threetrappedsoldiers. Since Marchand knows how the game is played, heenliststhe media and forces the UNPROFOR to act or face embarrassment.UNPROFOR'smissionin Bosnia was to guard the humanitarianaidconvoys and toremainneutral.

Arowbetween the stressed out andfatiguedCiki and Ninograduallyescalateseven after being rescued.Eventually, Ciki shoots Nino and isin turnshot by a peacekeeper. After thisconfrontation, it is found that the mine cannot bedefused. The UNPROFOR lie, saying that Cera has been saved and they leave the area, along with the reporters and everyone else. In reality, Cera is left alone anddesolatein the trenches, stillimmobilizeby the mine.

Tanovic has compared this film to Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. In this case Godot does finally show up—as the United Nations Protective Forces. However, they prove to be totally ineffectual.

Bosnianhumoris reallystrong. The talks between Chiki and Nino are oftenhilarious. The chaos of so many nations unable to work together is also comic.

No Man's Landmentionstheabsurdityandfutilityof war very well.

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