Neden & sonuç makale konuları - Cause & effect essay topics

10/21/2010 15:27:11
  1. The causes / effects of pollution
  2. The causes / effects of global warming
  3. The causes /effects of the computer revolution
  4. The causes / effects of poverty
  5. The causes / effects of stress on students
  6. The effects of computers on our everyday lives
  7. The effects of watching too much TV
  8. The effects of alcoholism
  9. The causes /effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants
  10. The effects of cigarette smoking
  11. The effects of internet
  12. The effects of watching TV for long hours
  13. The effects of illiteracy
  14. Causes of rising depression in teenagers
  15. The effect of a parent/teacher/ friend on someone's life
  16. Reason behind some people not carrying cell phones
  17. Reason behind students taking online classes
  18. Which is more of an influence on a person's life; genetics or environment?

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