İngilizce Kolay Değil - English is Not Easy

01/29/2010 23:07:10

İngilizce kolay değil! - English is not easy!

1) The bandage waswoundaround thewound.

The farm was used toproduceproduce.

Thedumpwas so full that it had torefusemorerefuse.

We mustpolishthePolishfurniture.

He couldleadif he would get theleadout.

The soldier decided todeserthisdessertin thedesert.

Since there is no time like thepresent, he thought it was time topresentthepresent.

When shot at, thedovedoveinto the bushes.

How can Iintimatethis to my mostintimatefriend?

I did notobjectto theobject.

The insurance wasinvalidfor theinvalid.

There was arowamong the oarsmen about how torow.

I had tosubjectthesubjectto a series of tests.

Aseamstressand asewerfell down into asewerline.

Thewindwas too strong towindthe sail.

Upon seeing thetearin the painting Ishedatear.

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