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04/30/2011 00:00:00

Ielts speaking Sample question and answer

Topic: Describe a place that you would like to travel to.

Sample Answer

- I’d like to go to Venezuela because one of my friends, he’s Venezuellan, mentioned about the beautiful nature of the country. When he told me about the Angel’s fall I really got excited. It’s the highest in the world, streaming from very high rocks. Then I searched on the internet and find out that there are really beautiful natural places in Venezuella. I adore the nature, that’s why I’d like to see there.

- How would you go there?

- Of course I’d take a flight to go there. Because it’s too far.

- When are you planning to go there?

- I don’t think I could go there in the next few years because once I get the chance to go there I’d rather spend enough time to see a couple of places than coming back in a several days. For this reason and due to the distance it’s an expensive travel for me. Therefore it has to remain a dream for me for a while.

- When you arrive there, what kind of people are you expecting?

- Well, my friend has also told me that the streets may be dangerous for a lonely woman in Venezuaela however I believe that I’m lucky in that subject, I believe that I’d find some people who will really welcome me and help if I need. But of course I wouldn’t got there alone, just in case.

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