Hayat Güzeldir - Life is Beautiful (1997)

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Life is Beautiful - Hayat Güzeldir (1997)

Hayat Güzeldir

Director: Roberto Benigni

Writers: Vincenzo Cerami (story) and Roberto Benigni (story)

Leading Roles: Roberto Benigni (Guido Orefice), Nicoletta Braschi (Dora), Giorgio Cantarini (Giosué Orefice)

Country: Italy

Runtime: 116 min


The film issetin late 1930s Arezzo, Italy.Jewishman and poet, Guido Orefice' life is turned upside down a few years later when he, Dora, and their young son, Giosué are sent to a Naziconcentrationcamp.

He doesn't want to tell his son the truth so Guido tells Giosué that they are going on a big holiday and he turns the camp into a big game for Giosué. He says they must win 1000 points to win a real tank and leave.

Hiswitsaves Giosué from the truth when a German officerrequiresa translator.Despitenot speaking a word of German, Guido steps forward and makes up the "Rules of the Camp" from the German's body language. He cleverly states that Giosué cannot cry, ask for his mother ordeclarehe's hungry, resulting in thelossof the "game", in other words, death.

Giosué later refuses to take a shower and by chance escapes being gased. Guido hides him with the help of other Italian prisoners. He plays messages over thetannoyfor Dora and tries to keep his family together.

Hiding Giosué in ajunctionbox for the last time, telling him that everyone is looking for him, Guidoendangershis ownsurvivalto prevent the Germans discovering Giosué. The Americans break into theseeminglydesertedcamp the following morning. Giosué immerges just as a tank pulls around the corner. Hitching a lift out, Giosué soonspotshis mother and the film closes.

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