Compare & contrast essay conjunctions - Karşılaştırma yazılarında kullanılan bağlaçlar

10/27/2010 00:00:00

Benzerlikleri anlatırken şu bağlaçları kullanabilirsiniz:

Similarly, : benzer şekilde

The students should study a lot, similarly teachers must be ready for lessons.

Likewise, : bunun gibi, aynı şekilde

The manager was well organized. Likewise, the employees was working systematically.

... the same ... : aynı

We plan our works neatly and we expect the same from the companies we are working with.

... the same as ...

I wrote exactly the same report as you did. No one realized.

also : de, da

Vodafone also wants to have a meeting with us.

both : ikisi de

Tülay and Fulya have been both ill for more than a week.

is similar to : ...'ya benzer

The situation is similar to ours.

too / either : de, da

The managers cannot attend the seminar, either.
Today we will work overtime, too.

as well : de, da

We will solve this problem as well.

Like : gibi

She sometimes behaves like a child.

In the same way, : aynı şekilde

The exhibition will be shown in the same way we did in İzmir.

X is similar to Y in that (they) ... : X ve Y birbirlerine ...' da benzerler

This accident is similar to the previous one in that they are both because of neglect.

X and Y are similar in that (they) : X ve Y ...'da benzer

Our cars are similar in their color and size.

Like X, Y [verb]

Like Ayşe and Meltem explained the reason; we had an unexpected trouble.

In like manner, : benzer tarzda

I appreciate your care, we should deal with all the customers in like manner.

One way X is similar to Y is (that) : X ve Y nin benzer bir noktası ... 'dır.

One way my finding is similar to usual results is that people want to be praised.

Farklılıkları anlatırken ise için şu bağlaçları kullanabilirsiniz:

On the other hand, : diğer bir yandan

The television is a great of reaching lots of people, on the other hand, it is a way to hypnotize people.

However, : halbuki, fakat

I tried to talk to him however he was so busy.

But : ama

We haven't found the cure yet but we are still working on it.

Unlike: aksine

Unlike Reyhan, Selim works very hard.

While : oysa

Some people get lots of money while the others have to live on just small amounts.

In contrast : tersine

This problem isn't normal in contrast it's very serious.

By contrast : aksine, tersine

The birth rate for old women has decreased, by contrast, teenage mothers have increased.

Yet : ama

She doesn't speak German, but she seems to understand everything.

Even though / although / though : rağmen

Even though you don't like it, you have to wash the dishes.

Whereas : oysaki, halbuki

Whereas you can learn information from books, you should also make practise.

Unlike : aksine

Unlike the others in the company, I don't go to work by car.

Nevertheless : yine de

I paid a lot of attention nevertheless I still made some mistakes.

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