Bilmeceler - Riddles

04/08/2010 00:00:00



A: Which 'BUS' could cross the ocean?

B: Columbus!

A: What flowers have two lips?

B: Tulips.

A: What's the most colorful state of U.S.A.?

B: Color-ado.

A: Which room has no doors, no windows.

B: A mushroom.

A: Why did the student take a ladder to school?

B: Because he/she was going to high school!

A: Which is faster, heat or cold?

B: Heat, because you can catch a cold.

A: Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space?

B: To find Pluto.

A: What do you call a witch at the beach?

B: A sandwich.

A: What's a minimum?

B: A very small mother!

A: What is the longest word?

B: Smiles. (Because there's a mile between the first and the last letter.)

A: What has teeth but can't bite?

B: A Comb.

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